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DINNER MTG, TUES., MAY 13, 2014, #245, at McGladrey, One South Wacker
“LinkedIn… LIVE, plus:  Three Things You Need to Know About The Biggest Internet Expansion in Years”

Come see and hear CEO Roundtable Member-Expert, George Couris, President of Pepper Group, a widely recognized leader and award-winning, marketing consulting firm.  "Linkedin… LIVE, plus:..." will be a highly interactive, LIVE-on-screen, fun, educational event.  George will demonstrate how to use Linkedin more effectively with actual, real-life Member issues being addressed.*  The event is designed to help every Member get more value from this important business tool.  In addition, George will also demonstrate the recent improvements to our very own CEO Roundtable-Chicago website that make it more valuable and more user friendly, and he’ll demonstrate how we can all benefit from the new Private CEO Roundtable-Chicago Linkedin Group, and, the new CEO Roundtable-Chicago company page, that he has created for all of us!

As a bonus,
George will share information on the hundreds of new top level Internet domains (in addition to .com, .org, and others) that will be opened starting this year.  It’s an epic change that has introduced new risks, as well as new early mover opportunities.  He’ll explain what you need to know and share three actions to take.

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5:30 - 6:30 pm:
  Dinner & Networking
6:30 - 8:00 pm:  Presentation, Q&A 
Mtg. Location:  McGladrey, One South Wacker Drive, 6th flr.
Park for Less:  THANKS to Member, Lot Owner, John Hammerschlag!  $10 after 3 pm; $20 all day at Madison x Wells, SW corner, less than 1 block from McGladrey's Madison St. entrance for One South Wacker.
*Spkr Questions:  Please send, ASAP, directly to George:  

Spkr Bio:
  George Couris is President of the Pepper, a full-service B2B marketing firm that’s been  recognized as a “Top Agency” by BtoB Magazine and one of the “101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in Chicago.”  George and his team have developed and executed strategic, creative and effective marketing programs for hundreds of organizations, from startups to the Fortune 500.  George is a long-time Member of the CEO Roundtable-Chicago and a past speaker.  He was also past president of the American Marketing Association Chicago chapter and is currently President-Elect of the DePaul University Marketing Advisory Council.

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