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We have a NEW DATE for our January mtg, NOW, Wednesday, January 7, 2015, at The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 230 S. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL 60604; 5:00 - 6:30 pm.  DO NOT REGISTER BELOW, AS YOU USUALLY DO.

We have been invited by The Becker Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago, to join them, Wednesday, January 7, instead of having our separate meeting, six days later, on Tuesday, January 13, so:

CANCEL:  Tuesday, January 13, 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
NEW:  Wednesday, January 7, 5:00 - 6:30 pm
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"2015:  The Role and Impact of Monetary Policy in an Uncertain Economy" 

A discussion with Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Evans and, the 2013 Nobel laureate Lars Peter Hansen, University of Chicago, Becker Friedman Institute

Where:   Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Moskow Auditorium, 230 S LaSalle St, Chicago (Same location)

Note:  The Federal Reserve requires photo ID for entry.  Please arrive early for security and to enjoy the reception.

Event Details:  How has monetary policy helped in nurturing a sluggish recovery?  What expectations should we have for the role of monetary policy in 2015 and beyond?  How does the Federal Reserve confront or cope with uncertainty when designing and implementing monetary policy?  Join us as Charles Evans, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and Lars Peter Hansen, 2013 Nobel laureate from the University of Chicago discuss these issues.
Cost:  No Charge  (Comp wine and hors d' oeuvres reception, no sit down dinner)
Reg.:  Register Online  (Please enter "CEO RT" in the box labeled, "Affiliation")
             Register By Email  Deadline: 1/6/2015

Program:  5:00 pm-5:30 pm:  Reception (wine & hors d' oeuvres, no sit down dinner)
5:30 pm-6:30 pm:  Presentation and Q&A
Profiles:   Charles Evans (Spkr), President, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Lars Peter Hansen (Moderator) Director and Co-chair, Becker Friedman Institute, UChicago, and Nobel laureate (2013)
Questions:  Amy Boonstra, 773.702.7307773.702.7307, Managing Director, Programs & Outreach, Becker Friedman Institute, or,
Sandy Weissent, 312-399-1901312-399-1901, Chair, CEO Roundtable

SAME extended deadline to renew your membership = on or before Tuesday, January 13, 2015.

PARK for Less at The POETRY GARAGE, 201 W. Madison SELF PARK  THANKS to CEO Member / Lot Owner, John Hammerschlag, CEO, Hammerschlag Parking, a national parking operation: = $10 after 3 pm; $20 all day, = Madison x Wells, SW corner.


Dear Members,
We had a GREAT, value-packed 2014 year together, 40+ events!

You can renew your membership NOW, for 2015, at the SAME RATE as for 2014, IF YOU RENEW ON or BEFORE OUR FIRST DINNER MTG DATE OF THE NEW YEAR:  TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 2015 = $550, ALL-Inclusive for:

  • about 40 total events
  • TWO FREE dinner guests* (normally $75 each), and in 2014, for
  • about $3,000 worth of partners' waived, conference fees

2015 (Jan. - Dec.), will be our "25th Year Celebration!"

You can pay by check, or PayPal / Credit Card (button at very bottom of this page).  PayPal adds a small processing fee. 
The PayPal annual dues button @ $550 will be available ONLY THROUGH TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 2015.
  After that dues adjust to $625.

As always, the sooner you renew, the higher up on the "FIFO" Members list you'll be when we have a limited number of FREE tickets to give out for additional special events - that are in addition to the 40 events. 

Thank you
to all 131 Members for your continuing, loyal support.  It's a pleasure serving you!  We've had a GREAT, value-packed year together!

Kind regards,
Sandy  C: 312-399-1901312-399-1901; O: 312-751-2153312-751-2153; 

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