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Dear Members,
As you know, we focus our summer activities in July and August on our own Social-Networking and other 3rd-Party events, and re-engage our monthly, catered dinner mtgs in Sept.  Many of you are taking vacations, traveling, and enjoying the summer weather.  However, please look for email announcements and on this website for news of a number of our very popular summer activities!!
Kind regards,
Sandy    C: 312-399-1901
“Alternative Investments in the Real World”
6th Annual Northern Trust Dinner: 
This is always one of our very special and best attended monthly dinners!  This year is "chapter two" of last year's dinner topicWe'll share with you the latest research on the two main categories of alternative investments:  hedge funds and private equity.  Alternative investments can offer meaningful diversification and return enhancing benefits to the broader portfolio, but optimal implementation has escaped most investors.  We'll share the latest research on these asset classes and how Northern employs them to improve portfolio outcomes. Successful investing in alternative assets requires a portfolio perspective, a deep understanding of underlying return drivers and high selectivity.

5:30 p.m. = Dinner / Networking
6:30 p.m. = Presentation / Q&A
8:00 p.m. =
Adjournment / Social

Expert / Speaker:  Peter Mladina is the Director of Portfolio Research for the Wealth Management division of Northern Trust.  Pete works out of Northern's Los Angeles office:  2049 Century Park East, Los Angeles, CA  90067; W: 310-282-3820; Email:

Peter is responsible for the empirical research, analytical tools, and education that support Wealth Management’s Investments practice. This includes research and tools that inform asset allocation, portfolio construction, manager selection and monitoring, and the development of investment capabilities and products.    

Previously, Mr. Mladina was the Director of Research at Waterline, a Los Angeles-based wealth management firm that was acquired by Northern Trust in 2010.  In addition to advising high-net-worth clients, Mr. Mladina helped Waterline develop innovative wealth management solutions and an empirical investment approach rooted in academic research.  Prior to Waterline, Mr. Mladina advised high-net-worth clients at myCFO and was previously a portfolio manager responsible for quantitative equity strategies and private investing programs for large pension funds.   

Mr. Mladina’s research on portfolio construction, expected return, common risk factors and manager skill has been awarded publication in peer-reviewed journals.  He is a frequent guest speaker at investment conferences and universities.  He received a BA in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles and an MBA from Edinburgh Business School in Britain.

Member / Mtg Mgr:  John B. Leo, Chief Investment Officer, Northern Trust,
Central Region, Wealth Management Division, 50 South LaSalle Street, Chicago IL 60603; W: 312-444-3924,  
Please visit: 
           THANK YOU, JOHN!!

John leads the portfolio management practice which is comprised of 125 investment professionals across 15 offices who are collectively responsible for roughly $70 billion in assets under management.    Mr. Leo has held various positions at Northern Trust including Director of Growth Equities within the Asset Management division and Senior Portfolio Manager/Team Leader in Wealth Management and is a member of the firm’s Investment Policy Committee.     He received a BS in Finance from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

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